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Always find ways to make agents’ lives better.

We apply technology to the real property transaction process in order to drive down costs while increasing member satisfaction. Through profit sharing, we provide the means and encouragement for members to mentor their family, friends, and neighbors by the giving of their time and or money.

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DOROTHY has been in the real estate business since 1995. However, in 2013, after DOROTHY’s founder read a sharing economy article by Thomas Friedman an idea evolved to revolutionize the real estate business. To spark this revolution DOROTHY.com was created, a technology-powered, full-service brokerage that participates in the sharing economy. DOROTHY was developed with one essential mission: Always Find Ways to Make Member’s Lives Better and share in the profits!


Our co-founder and CEO understands the limitations of the brokerage/agent relationship firsthand. As an industry veteran, he knows this model has become obsolete. In the past, brokerages offered agent’s “value” by providing brand recognition, access to listings, a desk and a fax machine, and paper marketing tools like business cards, letterhead, and yard signs, while measuring their success in agent sales.

DOROTHY, the brokerage of tomorrow, uses technology to provide agents with the tools, marketing materials, contracts, platforms, technology, lead management, listings, and support they need through a fast, intuitive, technology-driven platform.


While DOROTHY’s technology grants our agents the ability work from anywhere, any time, our true difference lies in the way we treat our agents: our redefinition of success and profit sharing.

By marrying industry leading technology, with an agent-centric approach that disposes of archaic industry standards, DOROTHY will become one of the fastest growing technology driven brokerage in the United States.

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