I am a broker – can I still join?

Yes, if you are a broker, you can still join DOROTHY.com.SM.  In fact, we have a program that allows you as a broker to transition yourself and your team to DOROTHY.comSM, and still make a profit from your agent’s sales. Interested? Email us at agent@dorothy.com.The traditional managing broker can manage up to 20 agents effectively. Regulations on the real estate community and the liability for the Managing Broker’s will increase. No Managing Broker will be able to ensure all rules and regulations are being followed. At Dorothy.comSM Managing Brokers will be able to manage more than 100 agents with a cognitive assistant. Forget bricks and mortar and nickel-and-dime-you-to-death fees. From straightforward splits and industry one-of-a-kind profit sharing to push-button marketing, Dorothy.comSM simplifies business so you have the flexibility to reach your goals, whether that means earning more money or spending more time on things you love. Interested?

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