Professional Training

The founder of spent a decade at IBM where training and education was paramount in the development of consultants. DOROTHY founder brings the understanding with him that successful organizations support members for their roles now and in the future, recognizing their best investment is their people. Top talent is likely the most engaged, and thus, retaining and attracting these people is a key driver of business outcomes and success. DOROTHY’s innovative platform automatically recommends a weekly feed of learning resources focused on the skills required for a person’s current job as well as their professional interests and career goals. Courses include topics such as product understanding, service skills, professional development, sales cycle, finance, accounting, and many more industry specific educational classes. DOROTHY founder learned at IBM that time is valuable and choose to deliver learning modules in small snippets. Additionally, differentiates itself as best in class in educational delivery through “Learn to Earn”. Members earn a designated amount of bricks for ‘Learning”. Members receive bricks for taking a monthly course offered by More bricks will be earned if the course is completed timely. All members have the opportunity to participate in Learn to Earn. When members are excited to learn, they are more empowered, engaged and productive, and they become more valuable to our members. DOROTHY offers weekly training sessions via our webpage. And, a flourishing community of DOROTHY agents who are constantly working together to share listings and buyers/sellers, along with best practice tips.

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